Strategic Social Responsibility
Strategic Social Responsibility
Businesses and Organizations

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Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility concerns companies that voluntarily decide to incorporate social and environmental goals into their day-to-day business activities, beyond any legal obligation.

This is one of the most dynamic and demanding areas of activity for the modern business / Organization.

CSR indicates the balanced treatment of the economic, social and environmental impact of the operation of a business and is based on the triptych of economic development, sustainability and social cohesion.

Our specialized and experienced Partners are able to provide you with the following services (among others):


Formulation of a tailor made Social Responsibility Strategy according to the standards of international standards, such as AA1000, United Nations Global Compact, ISO 26000, GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and SA8000.


Publication of a Social Responsibility Report.

Training of employees in Environmental issues.


Coordination and follow up
of CSR actions



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