Gelina Karella is a highly experienced Advisor in quality management systems and Corporate Social Responsibility.

She holds a MSc in Marketing and Communication in Athens University of Economics and Business.
She studied French Language and Communication in Athens (Kapodistriako University).
She started her carreer as a Quality Manager in O.T.H. OLYMPIC TOOL HELLAS SA, a company located in Inofyta Viotias (subsidiary of the french group DASSAULT AVIATION GROUP OF COMPANIES and CIS Group) acquiring for several years a lot of experience in quality and project management. She attended several courses in France (AFNOR ASSOCIATION FRANCAISE DE NORMALISATION), Belgium (SENIOR ASSESSOR EFQM) and Greece concerning systems of Quality Management (Lead Auditor ISO 9001,ISO 22000, ISO 1435).

She has implemented and participated in many important quality management projects in small, medium and large companies covering a broad spectrum of industries (among others such as maritime ,Insurance, education, hospitality, Manufacturing, Services ). With postgraduate studies in marketing and communication as well as high experience in quality management systems and Corporate Social Responsibility , she believes that the company (regardless of size and sector in which it operates) has at its disposal two important allies who can leverage not only to survive but also to grow: the organization (through international quality systems) and marketing.

She has been working as an EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Senior Assessor as well as an Assessor for EBEN (European Business Ethics Network).

She participates in the Board of Directors of the greek chapter of the E.B.E.N. as a General Secretary. EUROPEAN BUSINESS ETHICS NETWORK

www.eben.gr | www.eben-net.org

She cooperates with the Innovation and Technology Unit of Panteion University as a Mentor for students.